Educational leadership places emphasis on community building. Es Tiempo promotes student learning and professional performance. Es Tiempo aims to advance students through collaboration with the Hispanic College Fund and the Ivy League Project.

Es Tiempo has collaborated with high school and college students through the Ivy League Project and the Hispanic College Fund. Es Tiempo also has a vision to foster support for corporate and early entrepreneurial learning at the SVLLS.

Es Tiempo has designed a mentor mobility tool that will provide professional access to human capital and mentorship.

Mr. Carbajal has provided numerous keynote speeches at various academic settings. He has provided motivating and captivating speeches from pre-school programs for children of mono-lingual Spanish speaking parents to college graduation award ceremonies.

Coming from humble beginnings, Frank is able to connect with a variety of audiences in ways that others cannot. Being the first to graduate from college in his family has given him the ability to speak from the heart and share his real life experiences with others.

For more information, please contact us or email Frank directly at:


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For Government, Non-Profits, Private Sector, Etc.

  • Keynote speeches & presentations
  • Leadership development
  • Assessments for organizations to maximize worker efficiency through utilizing the FUTURE framework
  • Creative solution centers
  • Building teamwork
  • Increasing employee engagement

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For Academic Institutions

  • Resources to help address the Latino achievement gap in the United States
  • Early leadership training through the collaboration with organizations such as the Ivy league Project
  • Progressive mentor mobility strategy- a new form of mentoring

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