Es Tiempo can work with your organization by providing solutions to help guide and grow your workforce. Mr. Carbajal utilizes the FUTURE framework he developed to help businesses recruit and retain Latino leaders.

The Future Leadership Model is based on the book Building the Latino Future Success Stories for the Next Generation. In Frank’s book, the success stories shared included common threads and each contained elements of six key principles- focus, unity tenacity, unique ability, resiliency, and education.  To explain these key principles of success, Frank has created the FUTURE leadership model.  This model is not meant to be a sequential, step-by-step process because each element is interconnected, and strengthened by, the others.  Rather it is a tool for increasing your success for your organization.  This tool will increase your chances for success, gaining perspective, and determining what is lacking in your effort and the organizations efforts to reach the goals.

Each letter of the FUTURE Model represents a module



Es Tiempo will clarify your goals and objectives, focus on creating a positive flow of energy for your organization.



Es Tiempo is a community builder. We will help you identify a network of peers through the progressive concept of mentor mobility. Es Tiempo will help the organization identify networks comprised of peers, colleagues, role models, and mentors.

The future framework is also used as an assessment tool to build up organizations by building on existing ERG groups or establishing ERG groups or by creating an infrastructure within an organization to work on the implementation of a new Employee Resource Group Develop a diverse leadership base and enhance talent readiness.

Es Tiempo will help meet the corporation’s growth agenda and support our performance-driven culture. Es Tiempo will reinforce our on-going emphasis on employee development and retention. Es Tiempo will help increase collaboration across functions and segments.



Approach your goals with balancing tenacity and humility. Es Tiempo will teach you how to be better equipped to face challenges and you will learn when to be patient and when to be assertive. Being humble gives you staying power, an ability to endure while you evaluate your situation and assess what needs to be done to move forward.

Unique Ability


Es Tiempo will help you first determine what comes naturally to you and what you do better than anyone else; then focus on that unique ability and build on it. Learn to draw energy and momentum from your strengths.  Build on that energy and focus on those areas where you are strongest in your organization



Learning how to bounce back from adversity is a necessary ingredient of success.  Resiliency requires focus and tenacity, as already described in the framework. The knowledge they gain from introspection, and from evaluating the setback honestly, gives them the strength to push on.  Resiliency emerges when you learn to incorporate the knowledge gained from setbacks into your future actions.



Es Tiempo will provide your organization with matchmaking mentoring consulting services for recent graduates or for an individual looking to pursue their graduate degree.  We can work with at-risk youth and provide links to mentorship programs that can turn lives around.


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  • Creative solution centers
  • Building teamwork
  • Increasing employee engagement

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  • Resources to help address the Latino achievement gap in the United States
  • Early leadership training through the collaboration with organizations such as the Ivy league Project
  • Progressive mentor mobility strategy- a new form of mentoring

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