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  •  “Most motivational speakers always mention the importance of having a mentor or role model. One of the biggest complaints I hear universally from Latinos trying to become successful is the difficulty in finding a mentor or role mode. Complain no more. From the pages of this book you will learn from the wisdom of some of our greatest Latino figures. You will become inspired to courageously express your full potential and live your highest purpose.”

     Louis Barajas
    National best selling author of The Latino Journey to Financial Greatness, and
    Small Business, Big Life

  • “Frank’s inspiring story will bring back memories to many Americans today and will resonate both within the Hispanic and non-Hispanic communities. His “can do” message and his focus on education will be increasingly important for generations to come. The role models highlighted in the book should be a source of inspiration to millions of Hispanic Americans.”

    Raymond Arroyo
    Chief Diversity Officer-Aetna

  • Building the Latino Future “Success Stories for the next Generation provides wonderful insight into how Latinos can effectively leverage their cultural heritage as an assest and yet still maintain their individuality. The examples shared in this book will surely help to create even more successful Latino professionals and leaders and will allow Latinos to make even larger contributions to society, academia and the workplace.”

    Robert Rodriguez, PhD
    Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE), business school professor at Kaplan University and author of Latino Talent: Effective Strategies to Recruit, Retain and Develop Hispanic Professionals.

  •  “There has never been a better time for Latinos to succeed greatly in America than today, except for tomorrow. This book gives you the tools you need to achieve greatly in the years ahead.”

      Brian Tracy
    Author – The Way to Wealth

  • “Building The Latino Future “Success Stories for the Next Generation” takes you through the journeys of amazing Latinos Leaders who have redefined the American Dream and have succeeded on their “own” terms. Their lives and stories provide us with something we all need….pure inspiration!”

     Yasmin Davidds
    Consultant, Educator and Author

  • Building The Latino Future will inspire you as it inspired me. The leaders profiled in this book include people who carved me into the leader I am today. If you are looking for a motivating book that pushes the right Latino buttons to drive you to be your best, Building The Latino Future is a must read for you. Even if you are not Latino, Building the Latino Future will inspire you to overcome your psychological walls, step up and face your challenges, and ultimately win the game of life. This book will raise your standard of excellence in your areas of focus.”

    Cid Wilson
    Director of Equity Research for Kevin Dann & Partners LLC in New York City
    #1 Ranked Wall Street Financial Analyst – Specialty Retailing Category by Forbes Magazine/Star Media

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