Ken Blanchard’s Foreward from Building the Latino Future

It’s an exciting time for the Latino community. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Latinos are the fastest-growing minority in the country. By 2010, it is expected that Latino buying power will reach a trillion dollars. Latinos are taking increasingly visible roles in business, government, entertainment, and many other arenas, and are sitting on corporate boards, heading major companies, and serving as leaders in their communities.

These new Latino leaders have been blessed by the hard work of their parents and grandparents, most of whom were immigrants to the United States, who were willing to take positions as gardeners, janitors, busboys and housekeepers, to create a better life for their children. Some worked two or three jobs, took public transportation, slept only three to four hours a day, and did whatever was required to make ends meets for their families.

If you are an immigrant or your parents are immigrants, this book will give you a whole new appreciation for your family’s journey. If you are a business owner or looking to gain insight into the Latino workforce, this book is a must. The practical knowledge you’ll gain about Latino culture will help you understand your Latino associates. For example, you will learn the important role spirituality plays in Latino success, and gain many other insights. The authors Frank Carbajal and Humberto Medina, are well qualified to write such a book, as they are both Latino success stories in their own right.

The prominent Latinos featured in this book are eager to inspire successful new leaders by sharing their experiences, advice, and hope. There’s a popular Spanish saying, “Si se puede,” which means, “It can be done.” That’s perhaps the most powerful message in this book: It can be done, and you can do it!

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One-Minute Manager and The One Minute Entrepreneur


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